Design visionary

Design visionary

This year at Design Miami/, Yves Béhar is being recognized as the Design Visionary of the Year. The honor has gone to some of the most prestigious designers of our time, and has been given to Yves for his contributions to the design world and his humanitarian efforts through our projects such as the One Laptop Per Child, Ver Bien, and the SPRING Accelerator. The award is generously supported by Panerai.

To celebrate the award, we have designed two installations that are on display this week in Miami. The first, ‘Connecting,’ is a look into the process and impact of design. The pyramid-like structure features original artifacts, prototypes and sketches from projects with social and environmental impact, like the One Laptop Per Child, Ver Bien Aprender Mejor in Mexico, and our work with Herman Miller and PUMA. Surrounding the exterior is a photo collage of the people around the world whose lives have been touched by our work, to show how design lives out in the everyday and for so many. The exhibit is located immediately inside the entrance of the Design Miami/ festival.

The second exhibit, entitled ‘Surf Shack,’ is a glance at the influence that surfing and surf culture have on Yves personally. The temporary structure is designed by Yves, and features works from his personal collection – both handcrafted custom surfboards, and art that Yves has acquired over the years, including works by Robert Longo, Llewellyn Ludlow, Barry McGee, Ken Price, and John Severson. Made of surf shack-like materials, 2×12 beams, corrugated plastic, and standard plywood, the structure espouses casual materials in a formal structural grid. Shelving on the outside allow to collect rocks, beachwood, and shells and simply exhibit them as beach treasure after surf sessions. The structure is located on the corner of NE 40th and NE 1st, in the Miami Design District.

If you’re in Miami, please come join us in celebrating this significant achievement. We look forward to many more years creating impactful work with you all!

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